Knit or Knot

This is the story of a group of women who gathered over the years, inconsistently, raising kids, working, volunteering, some neighbors and then no longer neighbors, knitting, crocheting, polishing silver, working needlepoint, making quilts, paying bills, petting dogs, visiting. Sometimes we made cookies. We drank wine or not. Moms and sisters visited. Marriages lasted and didn’t last. Kids grew up and thrived or struggled. We became friends.

Then something terrible happened – the country we felt safe in (most of the time) elected a president that made us feel suddenly unsafe. Living in some of the wealthiest suburbs in one of the most liberal states, we were shocked. But we shouldn’t have been. We know all about feminism, but we’re white women (mostly). We’re scientists, nurses, and small business owners, we work in universities and corporations, we believe in reason and the rule of law. We are married to immigrants, we are immigrants, we are post-religious post-soccer yoga moms. We are vegan and meat eaters, artists and gardeners, and, and, and, and… shame on us, we weren’t paying attention.

So we decided to march, on January 21, 2017, with women all across the country. Except that we’d never marched before. We aren’t shouters. We marched in San Jose because it was closer and fit into our schedules. We were scared and not used to the feeling of not knowing what to do. So we looked around, we asked questions – we have some very smart adult children – and we figured it out.

That march changed us. And we want to stay changed.

This website is our place to gather information, to communicate and to focus. Which hashtag is for which resistance group? Which charities can we trust? How can we split our attention when we are overwhelmed? What if we need hope and encouragement? Where do people need help locally?

Knit or Knot means that you can join if you know how to knit or if you don’t. You can join if you crochet (does anyone tat or make lace anymore, those are knots, who remembers macrame, it’s so easy to get distracted) or if you are just not into all that domestic stuff but you need a group to hang out with. We do our share of lamenting and kvetching, but mostly we want to be active, we want to work.

We have a lot to learn.

Contact us via email at knitknotresistATgmailDOTcom