Women’s March Continues

We met and we marched. Then we got together for a huddle. Now it’s time to plan the next steps.

(We didn’t even know that huddling was the planned section action by the Women’s March committee.)    

As we have all observed, the new Trump administration is making changes fast and furiously. It is nearly impossible to coordinate a meaningful response without some organizing. One of our huddle attendees suggested that we might work to aggregate information about upcoming actions that we may support together or individually.  We could each choose an area of interest, for example: women’s health, support for journalistic integrity, or climate issues.

This website will hopefully be a place where we can post what seems most pertinent to us, to be viewed by group members. We could also use this site to organize for future actions.

Each of us has limited time and energy for our lives. But we can all agree that our efforts can be meaningful at this remarkable and challenging time.  

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