Knit a Science Hat

The possibilities are endless. I’m still deciding if I’m going to make one (scientist hats are harder than pussyhats) or if I’m just going to get a t-shirt.

Brain Hats at Studio Knit (including how to videos, patterns, and more)


Read about the Stanford University postdoc in Bioengineering has designed and knit hats for herself and all her pals. Click through for patterns and other cool things.


Heidi Arjes, a posdoctoral scholar in bioengineering, third from right, has created knit hat designs for the March for Science. Designs feature DNA double-helix, lab glassware, and a circuit with a battery and 3 resistors, the Space Shuttle, wind turbines and others.

This gal has collected some patterns and thoughts from others, including some lovely (and sort of tricky looking) double helix patterns. Ravelry has one of the patterns. ChemKnits (fabulous punny name) has the other.



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