Together We Will

A national organization created right before the November 8, 2016 election with big plans for the first woman president, this group course corrected immediately after DT’s surprise win. Read about their history, mission and partners here.

Their mission is:

  • Provide resources and guidance to empower everyday people including a link to Indivisible’s Guide to grassroots activism.
  • Work to elect progressive government leaders in local, county, state, and national races
  • Radically include underrepresented groups in our leadership and membership
  • Partner with organizations who do the above successfully and amplify their actions

The also register local groups as part of their larger network. Locate one close to you or form your own group.

Groups in our directory are independent and self-determined. We list groups by any name who are joined in the movement to Resist, Stand Up and Refuse to Be Silenced in the defense against the current administration. 

There are groups in our area as follows:

  • Santa Cruz
  • San Francisco (multiple)
  • San Jose
  • Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Surrounding

Adding a group through their site doesn’t prevent a group from any other types of connections.

Whether your group is named TWW, ATN, SuitUp, Indivisible, or any other name, this list is for you. The more places people can find you, the more effective we will be as a united front! This is for anyone who is part of a group (or forming a group) taking action against the harmful policies of the current administration.  

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